Time and Material(TnM) Model

We understand that prices play an important role in deciding on your service providers. To help our customers with cheap rates, we are constantly trying to customize our flexible pricing model. There are several factors in our pricing structure, which are responsible for the maturity of the price with favorable outcomes. To support our customers, we have a set of transparent pricing strategies, combining "rights" elements, which are similar to industry standards.

In PRAXINFO, our specialists define the actual system for your benefit after full integration and analysis, we show the requirements and work to meet the required time and fulfill the work. However, depending on the function, the delivery time can be reduced or extended, and the client will be notified. In any case, customers are properly informed and updated with all the development, current status, and reports. Percentage transparency program is determined by the client while performing the work. Also, you can add or reduce the number of resources depending on your needs and only pay for the entire work.

In this model, customers have more control over the project, and at least one risk. The best advantage of this model on others is that it provides much transparency and opportunity to increase confidence among the parties.

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