Fixed Price Model

Ideal for projects with defined requirements and performance method, it is considered ideal for both pricing models, customers and service providers. This model requires a clear understanding of the project, the development process, timeliness, the need for resources, Includes risks and other related factors. Fixed price model, also known as a one-time bam model, requires strict adherence to the deadline, as the service provider tolerates the risk involved in the project, although it allows customers to set an exact budget much earlier than is. This, on the other hand, as far as price pricing is concerned, the more security and peace of mind the customers get.

Regardless of the factors, this pricing model provides both a service provider and a host of benefits to the customers. In PRAXINFO, we value our customers very much with the flexibility and clarity. Our cost-effective fixed-price model allows customers to enjoy better and more strong distribution. We update them on a regular basis about the status of assisted projects with excellent communication and growth mechanism.

Get the maximum reward with a fixed price model that enables you to define projects with dynamic planning, priorities, and performance. With our best R & D team, we address the diverse needs of our business in various industries and vertical areas.

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