Privacy Policy

The topic of online privacy is very important for PRAXINFO, who is committed to protecting the information provided by its members and other visitors who enter their website. As a business unit devoted to providing professional software and business mobility solutions and services in India and abroad, PRAXINFO has promoted the relevance of organizations with the secrecy of privacy and its cyber presence.

Respecting the privacy of its online visitors while providing frontline services to customers remains a key part of PRAXINFO's strategy. Our privacy policy provides visitors with a view of privacy practices in pursuance of PRAXINFO and provides them with a safe route through the organization's website.

At the same time, PRAXINFO wants to make it clear that its site provides links to other websites which are controlled by their privacy policies and are not responsible for the security provided by these sites. PRAXINFO site visitors are advised to be familiar with their respective privacy policies. When you provide us your personal data, you accept and are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with our policy, do not use the site.

The Privacy Policy covers the following areas:

  • Type of information collected through the Web site
  • Use and Disclosure of personal information
  • Choice or Opt out
  • Security

Types of Information Collected by Web Site

Personal information

In accordance with PRAXINFO Privacy Policy, users who are requested to provide information on PRAXINFO site to visit the website and certain services which become property of PRAXINFO and share with third parties are requested to provide specific personal information, can be distributed or It should be clarified that there is no need to provide information for visitors to a site that does not require any specific service.

Use personal information and advertising

Personally identifiable information will not be collected or sold PRAXINFO Individually identifiable information is given voluntarily for some purposes.

If you are the only visitor on our site, then the proxy will not collect any personal information about you, only to a limited extent by using cookies and IP address details. If you decide to inquire about some of the services provided on the site, you will be asked to provide basic online contact information about you.
E-mail information
When we receive e-mails, we can retain the contents of any e-mail messages sent to us, as well as get the details of your e-mail address.
Use cookie based web based tracking method
Cookies, which are capable of keeping small amounts of information contained in your website browser, can be used in some areas of our website. Cookies, which help you keep track of your navigation, enable you to prepare our proposals according to your needs. Third party websites, which are accessible from links, click-through or banner ads from our site, may use cookies. However, it is important for us to report that we have no access or control over such cookies and do not accept responsibility regarding them.
Choose options or options

PRAXINFO does not require you to provide any information about your personal reuse and use of our site to store and provide choices about the use of identifiable information. So you can choose to provide such information. Also, once you provide information on PRAXINFO site at any level, this option will be called, you do not want to receive e-mail in the future and you can unsubscribe from that link. According to the rules of I.T.ACT, 2000 and I.T.ACT, 2000, upgraded as security procedures (updated in I.T.ACT, 2000)

PRAXINFO has implemented the appropriate acceptable standards of strict, technical and operational security to protect personally identifiable data from loss, abuse, modification or destruction. Until the official proxy employee is restricted, the data remains behind the firewall.

We amendments apply to the necessary laws and regulations, according to the Information Technology Act, 2000 Regulations "Fair Security Functions". Following such provisions, PRAXINFO ensures proper care and control over its IT. And security operations under sections 43, 43A, 45 and Section 85 of IOT. Act, 2000, with respect to the rules and so you agree and acknowledge that PRAXINFO will not be responsible for any cyber crime activity related to your data.

By using this site you agree and acknowledge that PRAXINFO will not be held responsible for any unmanageable security attack and you agree to such cases PRAXINFO Financial Opportunities, Legal, any type of business (Lost Profit) and Reputation Information Technology Act, 2000 43, 43 A and 45 shall not be liable for damages suffered under the provisions. Including any update via

In front of you, that Act 2000 will not be directly or indirectly responsible for criminal liability related to cybercrime related to your information related to the management of the management of PRAXINFO because you agree and accept PRAXINFO proper labor requirements of ITATT 2000, its Compatible with the rules and amendments.

Improvement of policies
We reserve the right to modify these policies from time to time. When we make any changes, we will update this page of the website. We recommend that you periodically recover this policy so that you make sure that you know any changes to these policies.
Contacting the website
For any questions regarding the privacy policy, practices of the site, or any other transaction issue, please contact:
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