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Secure and Scalable eCommerce Portal Development Solutions

PRAXINFO is an offshore e-commerce portal development company that provides end-to-end services to meet your business needs. With our B2B / BCC e-commerce portal development, our complete cycle solution will help you, we will help you in every step of each phase of development of e-commerce portal for strong development with creative strategy. Our design and development skills translate various platforms for seamless displays. With experience in different domains, we have successfully developed the e-commerce application to manage any web-based requirements presented to you. Our team of Expert eCommerce Portal Developers provides a user experience with advanced and robust and high-performance solutions to the next level for the ultimate user experience.

Why Choose PRAXINFO as an Ecommerce Portal Developer?

PRAXINFO is a leading e-commerce portal development company that provides end-to-end solutions for online business from large enterprises for startup. We provide a wide range of tests through design, development, deployment, upgradation and maintenance. Our e-commerce portal development services help you to increase costs and potential, resulting in higher service levels and operational capabilities. In PRAXINFO, our experience has different areas, which are often outside of the organizational and geographical boundaries.

Prospectronics offers B2B businesses with all the necessary facilities catering to the requirements of enterprise-class B2-BE-commerce. E-commerce is integrated into back-end operations, including order management, ERP, and CRM. Right from web stores to home sales and partners, our B2B e-commerce portal development caters the needs of every industry. The e-commerce has opened up business opportunities to attract new customers, to increase business sales volume and to enhance business revenue

Agree on shopping experience

  • Show real-time inventory data
  • Increase in your online community
  • Expand SEO Ratings and Reviews
  • Become a Brand Evangelist
  • Personal and engaging shopping experience
  • Conversion drive with mobility
  • Custom shopping and sales
  • Integrate vendors, distributors, and manufacturers

Automatic conversion of invoices in online order

  • Give customers the cost, terms and credit limitations of their conversations
  • Workflow management such as approval, fulfillment and billing
  • Incorporation of B2B payment methods
  • Organizing auxiliary user experience and organization-specific workflows

Mobility solution

  • Effective Design
  • Enable field sales team
  • Password protected content
  • Anywhere 24 * 7 commercial availability
  • Adapted content in any device's format
  • Quick access to professional implementation

Real-time Solutions

  • Real-time order tracking dashboard
  • Inventory updates on real-time
  • Advanced pricing structures for the target group
  • Cross Vic and Upsell Made Easy
  • Promote retail locations with a store locator
  • Custom Product Catalogs for Specific Customers
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