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We are the first to accept and are now the veterans of the last, the largest and fastest-adopted front-end technology of this decade. We are AngularJS / Angular 4.0, a developer based in India, and we have been providing AngularJS development services around the world for more than half a decade.

PRAXINFO is focused on delivering the best quality web services using AngularJS. Our Expert Group has deep knowledge and extensive experience with the development of dynamic applications that use current technology because we know the best practices for releasing AngularJS.

PRAXINFO is one of the world's leading information technology developers, including Angularjs and Angular 4 with its advanced JavaScript technologies. We have successfully experimented with the creation of highly interactive, data-based and well-structured multi-platform mobile and web applications using the AngularJS application.

AngularJS Development Services From PRAXINFO

Get a robust, highly interactive, data-driven AngularJS web application with optimal quality standards. Our professional developers are relatively sophisticated in the development of AngularJS web-based and front-end websites in a fast and reliable way for all types of businesses.

The main experience of our developer domains is to create a rich Web site user interface and create a response to one page of a web application using AngularJS. To take advantage of the best of AngularJS, you are hiring developers of AngularJS today. We are competent in the following services:

  • Consolidated development of AngularJS with various server technologies such as ASP.NET, JSP / JAVA, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Lasso, etc.
  • Web application development
  • Interactive Application Development
  • Development of AJAX
  • Development of user applications
  • Development of the portal
  • Content management tools
  • E-commerce, shopping cart development
  • Development of accessories

AngularJS Quick Solutions for your company

Our AngularJS developers have the following skills:
  • PHP, Ruby on Rails, and.Net
  • CSS3, HTML5
  • Ajax, Jquery
  • Angular, Ember, Spine, and NodeJS
  • Twitter Bootstrap (receptive designs)

Why you should Select AngularJS?

Angular 4 is much easier and much smarter and more important than you think. The improved version of Angular2 has introduced many enhancements and has resolved almost all the issues of the previous JavaScript application framework. Hire our Angular 4 developers to enhance the performance of your website, create a simpler API, and experience the best tuning web browser.3 Effective Features of AngularJS From Developer’s Point.
  • It is driven by components. The complexity of the AngularJS is excluded for better results.
  • AngularJS makes it easy to manage mobile applications and enables web applications to improve performance, load time and performance
  • It focuses on ES6 and makes an extremely difficult attack or an alternative solution that guarantees the security of a particular business sphere


Take advantage of our remote developers AngularJS, Angular 4 to become expert JavaScript developers who work according to your specific requirements and provisions. For companies looking for AngularJS, Angular2, they no longer need to look. We have professional developers who have the experience to help you develop a product with these principles: security, stability, and adaptability.

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