CodeIgniter code development

At a time when each company tries to attract new customers, it is increasingly necessary to create interactive and dynamic websites. CodeIgniter is one of those PHP open source frames capable of creating powerful websites. It has an integrated set of libraries that eliminates the need to write long codes and helps develop the project much faster.

Why should you opt for the PHP CodeIgniter Framework?

CodeIgniter is one of the simplest platforms for web application development on the market. The development of CodeIgniter requires almost zero configuration, and it is easy for coders to write code for developers and developers. Other features include:
  • It does not require a command line
  • The documentation is systematic and easy to follow.
  • It does not have compatibility issues.
  • Developers do not need to use sophisticated libraries during programming.
  • It's easy to integrate and make available mobile websites.

CodeIgniter Development Services

CodeIgniter is a remarkable PHP open framework that allows programmers to create robust and scalable applications. Its highly functional libraries allow you to write code from scratch, making the process of project development even more dynamic and faster. The MVC (Model-Viewer-Controller) enhances the framework and develops applications with many features without problems. With great clarity and multiple library configurations, CodeIgniter is a powerful platform that efficiently manages multiple databases in one application.

Our CodeIgniter developers possess the technology and bring the skills and commitment to delivering perfect and polished projects according to the requirements and expectations of our clients. Our proven experience, progressive methodology, and standardized management have brought us an innovative solution that anticipated the phenomenal growth of companies. Whether you have any size or level, we are fully armed and working in all respects with great precision and fineness.

What are we working on?

Prior to accepting a project, we understand the client's commercial goals and propose a development strategy that will take into account these goals. Practitioners PRAXINFO work on a wide range of services and provide you with the perfect solution that suits your needs. Some services provided by our PHP CodeIgniter developers are:
  • Use the appropriate CodeIgniter PHP code to help your site display on your mobile screen without interruption.
  • Using MySQL along with CodeIgniter to develop web portals.
  • Creating a shopping cart web application using AJAX and designing e-commerce websites.
  • Close integration with social networks.
  • Website maintenance, updates, and technical assistance after deploying the site.
  • Website created using CodeIgniter, which makes browsing websites compatible with mobile devices.

PRAXINFO: the right choice

There are many development agencies on the market, but we excel at our deployment and experience with PHP CodeIgniter. In addition, our specialists are also well-designed in AJAX, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and XHTML; Besides. Our online project management system makes it easy for customers to track their project and gain valuable information about it. That's not all; We do not charge too much for creating mobile-friendly websites, and we will also make sure that the project is implemented within the allocated timeframe.
PRAXINFO has professional developers who carry out all of their development needs with added value for customers. They use an open source framework to develop universal, PHP-based web pages and applications that are formulated using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. These channels are compatible with standard shared hosting accounts, PHP versions (PHP4 and PHP5) and configurations. Partner with us and let us help you grow in business with next-generation CodeIgniter applications.
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