Amazon Web Services

Do you want to set up your virtual office, and at anytime, join your business? Then, Amazon Cloud Services is an exceptional contribution to cloud computing, so enterprise-level organizations reduce barriers to starting their product or major quality services online due to every small scale business. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides reliable, affordable and cost-efficient cloud computing resources on which you host your applications.

World-renowned, web and mobile application development company, PRAXINFO has an incredible experience in Amazon Web Development Services. We understand the possibility of flexible work decoration and therefore reduce AWS development services. To become a leading AWS development company in India, we have dedicated a team with great expertise and innovative ideas in this field. Use the AWS Developer India to rent better, and better quality cloud services by connecting your business with "The Cloud".

Why Choose Amazon Web Service from PRAXINFO?

We offer a one-stop solution for all your cloud computing needs, 'One size is never fit' and therefore our Amazon AWS developer first understands the needs of your business and accordingly organize you at the top of line services. To give the best results for your business, our professionals have not left any stone.

Since the beginning of our organization, we have created valuable customers in thousands of fields. Our unique strategy, innovative ideas, great level of dedication, results of a fixed time frame and the appropriate budget are always fit in your budget. Therefore, if you are looking for Amazon Web Services, then rent PRAXINFO’s AWS developer and get the best price for your money.

  • Amazon Cloud Search enables you to organize and manage search software for your mobile application or website.
  • Amazon S3 stores are able to quickly deploy and manage apps in large quantities of data, and AWS Aplitic Compute Cloud (EC2) Developers Cloud.
  • We integrate a server less API with the API gateway of Amazon Web Services, which allows customers to focus on their main activities.
  • CloudWalk offers real-time monitoring of AWS resources and Route 53 services as a trusted domain name system.
  • It lets you run code in response to specific events, while Dynamobi makes it really easy to store and retrieve data.
  • AWS CloudTall allows you to send log files to the Amazon S3 Shield for recording API calls and storage.
  • AWS Web Services Tools (AWS Code-Pipeline, Code Generation AWS, AWS Code Build) allow you to safely store and update your application's source code.
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