Offshore Software Development

Each business comes with unique challenges and unique features of the process, each of them needs customized software to meet existing competitive needs. As a result, many of the shelf software available offline is still available, but most of them fail to meet the specific operational requirements of the business

Offshore Software Development Company in India

PRAXINFO assist organizations around the world with experts solutions which are tailored according to their operational complexities. Every software application developer of the company is equal to the skills of all the required industry and can create new knowledge based on the specific needs of the customer.

Include unsatisfactory solutions websites, e-governance applications and various organizational processing control tools. Our software developers can allow the development of complex custom-built software for large businesses. It encourages customers coming to the world to outsource development work to us.

In this way, most businesses, SMEs, charities, and those individuals can benefit from the solutions designed to meet their needs while embedding the latest technologies and tools.

Our custom apps and software development services include automobile, health and fitness, finance, sports, pharmacy, and medicine, wear, society and culture, music, home decor, travel and hospitality, and more.


The main reason consumers started writing offshore software startups, their software development costs are different in different parts of the world, an equal-on-site software developer has equal or less money to hire you can create a fully skilled team working on your project Do it.


Currently, the resources of the economy and the IT department are already thin losses, they do not have the time to maintain the current software systems company, to create a new app or to write an existing application. You can liberate your IT department's time to work on this strategically important tasks, or you can do PRAXINFO and you're existing IT time-consuming killer application without wasting valuable time with outsourcing software testing and maintenance.

Efficient resources

Finding the right resources is very difficult these days and after you hire them, it is very difficult to maintain them. With Smart Outsourcing you can inject useful resources to your resources on an essential basis.

Why Choose PRAXINFO?

PRAXINFO is an offshore software development company which does the infrastructure development of India to meet the development needs of developing offshore software. We work well equipped with excellent technical expertise teams as well as offshore software projects for the development of on-site software projects. We're a new generation software company that understands business and bottom line. We choose to combine offshore software development to deliver premium quality services and products at a reasonable global model for the best edge and its customers at affordable prices.

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